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                                                                                                             Hradčany Castle

    The Prague Castle called Hradčany is one of the largest ancient castle complexes of Europe.  As a seat for Czech Kings throughout the years, it was built in stages beginning in the 9th century.  It began as a wooden fortress, and over the years built up by its various rulers to its beautifully inspiring form of today.  It is the official residence of Czech rulers as well as the governing offices.  It has many interesting buildings to visit.

    The church in the background is St Vitus Cathedral, and the bridge in the foreground is the St Charles Bridge or Karlův most, that is lined with statues of saints and the apostles. It is a stone Gothic bridge built by Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in the 14th Century.  Other interesting parts of Hradčany are Golden Lane, the Royal Garden, Milhulka Powder Tower, Stráhov Monastery, Basilika and Convent of St George.